Amazing Willian Goal the Lone Bright Spot For Chelsea as they Lose Again; Chelsea 1 – Southhampton 3; Fan Videos

Oct 05

The slide continues. Yet another loss, and once again, at home.  Just unbelievable.  Almost as unbelievable as this free kick by Willian.  Easily the bright spot in an otherwise dreadful performance from Chelsea.

Great angle on the video.  You can see the ball heading towards the corner.  Incredible movement. It’s no wonder it confused the goalie.  Even then, it had to be perfect, and it was.

Sadly for Chelsea, this amazing goal wasn’t a changing of the tide.  It seemed like it might be.  John Terry was back in the line up.  Chelsea didn’t have Diego Costa but had most of their other players.  Willian started things off with this amazing goal.  Chelsea should have built on this and carried it to the three points. And were this any other year, they would have.

Normally, all the stout Chelsea defense ever needed was one goal.  Those days appear to be long gone. The defense was a mess as they have been all season. Not even Terry could save them.  Cahill was consistently beat. Ivanovic is dreadful. He’s so bad it might be better to play a man down and try and fill in the gap he leaves than have him in and rely on him to make a play.

I keep thinking it will get better because after all, this is Chelsea – the club that won the title last season.  But after every match they go deeper into the hole and it becomes harder to see how they will get out of it.

Hopefully the Special One is as great as this free kick and can make something special happen.

Video from youtuber Johnny Rabitt.