Despite Their Struggles, Chelsea Still Find a way to Beat Arsenal…As Always; Kurt Zouma Goal vs. Arsenal; Chelsea 2 – Arsenal 0; Fan Videos

Sep 21

Every season, there are changes in the Premier League.  Sometimes the changes are subtle, other times they are huge – like when a club like Manchester United fell out of the top 4.

But despite the many changes, there seems to be one constant: Mourinho and Chelsea will beat Wenger and Arsenal.

I realize this isn’t always the case.  Arsenal did beat Chelsea in the Community Shield.  But Community Shield means nothing.  It’s near the bottom of all silverwear.

But when it actually matters and the match is truly important, Chelsea will find a way to win.  And Saturday was an important match – especially for Chelsea. Their start to the season has been dismal and they needed three points, not just one, and especially not zero. And Chelsea found a way to win.

Arsenal has had a better start to the season, but again, Chelsea has Arsenal’s number so if there ever seemed like a moment for Arsenal to gain back some leverage in the rivalry, and deliver a solid blow to an already wobbly and shakey Chelsea, this was the moment.  Yet Arsenal couldn’t deliver.

Granted, Chelsea didn’t exactly beat Arsenal based solely on tactics and quality play.  Lots of cheap shots and mind games were used. But in the end, they worked and Chelsea came away with the three points. Which again, for Chelsea, is what really mattered.  Didn’t matter how they got them, just so long as they did.

Great video on this goal by the way.  Perfect angle and you get the celebration.  “Zouma! Zouma!”  Excellent.

Video from youtuber jonpitk