Fan Video of all three Manchester City goals vs. Chelsea; Manchester City 3 – Chelsea 0

Aug 17

Not sure if youtube user CitizenSaint Matt Live filmed the entire game, but he somehow captured all three of Manchester City’s goals against Chelsea.  Impressive work. Especially on the first and third goals as those were from open play.

It’s easier to record a goal from the stands off a set piece or corner, but to get an open play goal, you either have to be lucky, or willing to film an entire game on your phone.  However you got them, we salute you.

And how about Manchester City?  Quite the statement on Sunday.  Chelsea might be the current title holders, but City proved that they, although not the current title holders, are the team to beat this season.

Chelsea, just like last week, looked like they haven’t realized the season has started yet and wished they were still on summer break touring the U.S.  They also look like they have some personnel issues and may have some stuff to sort out off the pitch.

But this is Mourinho’s Chelsea, so no matter how big or small the issues on and off the field, Mourinho will sort them out and get the most out of his players and a top 4 finish and a deep Champions League run is inevitable.

In the meantime, hats off to the City side.  What a performance.  Just dominating and in control the entire time.

And Kompany. Two goals in as many games.  On pace for 38 goals…

Kompany’s goal:

Fernandinho’s goal: