Fan Video of Daley Blind Goal vs. Liverpool; Manchester United 3 – Liverpool 1; Fan Video

Sep 14

Is anything better than a successful designed set piece?  Most set pieces aren’t really set pieces at all as they just involve bending the ball into the box and hoping that the ball finds the head of someone fro your own team.

But every once in awhile a team actually puts some thought and creativity into their set pieces and when it works out, the results are just beautiful.  Such was the case with Manchester United against Liverpool.  Free kick outside of the box.  Two players line up appearing ready to to what they always do and bend the ball into the box and hope that it finds a United player’s ( aka Fellani’s) head.

Liverpool was expecting that given the fact that it is what United, Liverpool, and pretty much every other team always does in that same situation.  But United  flipped the switch on them and caught Liverpool by surprise.

The best part about this video is watching all the United players at the top of the box make their run towards the goal. The defenders are expecting them to make that run so they all follow and leave a wide open gap at the top of the box.  A massive area for Blind to drift into for the shot.

Blind also deserves plenty of credit for this.  It’s great that United did something different here, but designing the set piece is the easiest part. It’s all about execution.  And the toughest part of this entire scheme is Blind striking the ball cleanly and into the back of the net – no small feat.  Most players wouldn’t be able to pull it off but Blind is up for the challenge and just hits it beautifully.

It makes for a lovely goal and surely would have received more attention if it wasn’t for Christian Benteke’s bicycle goal and the youngster Anthony Martial scoring in his Manchester United debut.

Great job by youtuber Jack Hickman on the video.

He also recorded Ander Herrara’s penalty which happened later in the game: