Fan Video of Fernandinho goal vs. Watford; Manchester City 2 – Watford 0; Fan Video

Aug 31

It’s early in the Premier League season and there are still many uncertainties, but one thing that is certain is that it is Manchester City, and then everyone else.

Not that beating Watford at home is a terribly impressive feat, but just like all of their other games thus far this season, City has looked incredibly comfortable and in control the entire game. It is a long season, but if City continues on their current pace, they might build up an early lead too great to overcome and wrap up the season before 2016.

Fernandinho deserves credit for the goal.  It’s a great shot that he buries in the back of the net.  It’s always awesome to see a professional footballer cleanly strike a ball.

But all of the praise should be for David Silva.  Silva is truly a master of his craft.  It’s as though he has a controller and moves every player on the pitch to where he wants them to be.  I know he can’t really do that, but he knows and anticipates what every person is doing and then perfectly places the ball where it needs to go.

In this goal, the four(!) Watford players close in on him and Silva is acutely aware that there is a glaring opening behind him and without looking (but somehow knowing) that Fernandinho is making the run, he passes it perfectly to Fernandinho and right past the four Watford players that never saw the pass coming.

Thanks to youtube user Cilatorc for the great video.

Also, you may remember our friend, youtuber CitizenSaint Matt Live.  He captured all of City’s goals against Chelsea.

He also recorded this goal from the other side of the stadium: