Fan Video of Fernando Torres Goal vs. Barcelona; 2012 Champions League Semifinal

Sep 10

Per Atletico Madrid, Fernando Torres has scored more goals against Barcelona than any other current Atletico player.  He has scored 9 goals in 15 matches against Barcelona.

Undoubtedly, Torres’ most famous goal against Barcelona was not when he was playing for Atletico, but while he was with Chelsea.  Plenty has been said about Torres’ stint with Chelsea, and history will likely remember it for arguably being one of the worst signings ever.

But he did give this goal to Chelsea, which ensured their spot in the Champions League Final, which they eventually won.

And just listen to the contrasting sounds in the video above and the video below. The video above gives you a sense of what it was like throughout the entire stadium – stunned silence that they just lost the game to a 10-man Chelsea side.

And then the sound of the video below.  Chelsea fans elated and bursting with excitement and joy because they finally reached the Champions League final.  Pretty sure none of the fans in the video below would say Torres was overpriced.  You can’t put a price on that joy.

Hopefully Torres can bring the same joy to Atletico fans this weekend.


First video from James Bennet

Second video from mehdi2907