Fan Video of Keylor Navas Penalty Save Against Real Betis; Real Madrid 5 – Real Betis 0

Sep 01

Perhaps Real Madrid should rethink shipping off Keylor Navas for David de Gea.  James Rodriguez justifiably received all of the praise after Real Madrid’s victory because of his two amazing goals. But not to be forgotten was Keylor Navas’ penalty save that ensured the clean sheet for Real.

Tough spot for Navas at the moment. Real made it clear they intended on shipping him to Manchester United for David de Gea.  Yet the highly publicized transfer turned into a debacle with no one going anywhere.  At least not at the moment.

So Navas will now have to play for a club that doesn’t want him.  Or at least would prefer someone else over him.  Which is unfortunate because as Navas proved in the video, he is world class.

The fans appreciate him. Here is another video of the fans singing their praises to him after his save.

Save video courtesy of @Zapa1998.

Video of the singing praises courtesy of RMCF.