James Rodriguez’ Golazos vs. Real Betis; Real Madrid 5 – Real Betis 0; Fan Video

Aug 30

What a match for Real Madrid and James Rodriguez.  After last week’s lackluster performance against Gijon, Madrid came out and punished Real Betis.

Bale had a brace and Benzema had a great goal, but it was James Rodriguez that grabbed the headlines and stole the show.  Unbelievable.

Most players would love to just score a golazo at any point in the season.  James pulled off two in the same match.

This first goal is just incredible.  James is following in the footsteps of his Real predecessor, Roberto Carlos.  Somewhat different goals, but the same principle: Why bother bending a ball around a wall when you can just crush it past the keeper?  Like a ball on a frozen rope.

As if that wasn’t enough, James hadn’t finished his show.  He delivered an incredible encore later in the game when he flipped the ball up to himself and bicycled it into the net.  Just a thing of beauty.

Fortunately for all of us, Chr Gon was there and captured the bicycle.

First goal courtesy of _footballnow.