Live Sounds: Robin Van Persie and Wayne “Roo-nay!” in United’s thumping of Arsenal

Aug 29

Unless you live in a cave, or just don’t follow soccer, you probably already knew the big headline of the weekend that Manchester United completely dismantled Arsenal and beat them 8-2. It was Arsenal’s worst loss since 1896.

There were two penalties during the game – one for Arsenal and one for United. Robin Van Persie took Arsenal’s penalty and Wayne Rooney took United’s. The result of the penalties was fitting for how each team performed overall during the game.

The best part about penalty kicks in soccer is that it gives fans at the stadium an opportunity to get out their phones and record the penalty so you can witness the live reaction and sounds from inside the stadium. There is a break in the action and the fans know that they are about to witness something worth recording – a great goal or an amazing save.

The live soundtracks have a similar beginning. In one you have the fans booing Van Persie as he lines up to take the penalty for Arsenal. The other video at first sounds like booing but it is in fact the fans chanting “Roooo-nay” for their beloved star Wayne Rooney as he prepares to take the penalty. So while the fans at the start of each video are making similar sounds, the intended message is very different.

Because of the different results of the penalties, both videos end the same with the same sound – fans cheering wildly – and this time with the same message: Man United is the best and Arsenal is in serious trouble and worse than we all thought.