Mesut Ozil Seals Arsenal’s Crucial Victory over Bayern Munich; Arsenal 2 – Bayern Munich 0; Champions League

Oct 21

Don’t eliminate Arsenal yet.  After a disastrous start to the Champions League, Arsenal kept their hopes alive by beating Bayern Munich 2-0.  It’s not unbelievable since Arsenal is a quality squad, but they had been playing so poorly in the Champions League that after losing to Olympiakos and Dynamo Zagreb it didn’t seem like they had a chance against the mighty Bayern Munich.

But Arsenal rose to the occasion and somehow shut down Bayern’s mighty offense and came away with the victory.

This goal by Ozil is great for many reasons.  The game was very tight throughout.  Until this goal Arsenal was barely hanging on to their one goal lead as Bayern was just pounding Arsenal (Bayern had 70% of the possession for the game).

So the fans were just dying and hoping that Arsenal could somehow hold on to the three points for the last few seconds.

The fans’ reaction in this video perfectly sums up the feeling in the stadium. They see Ozil making the run. Everyone is excited as this would clinch the crucial victory.   Ozil is wide open and it looks like he is going to score the winning goal so the fans start to cheer. But then Manuel Neuer makes what looks like an amazing save and the fans go from starting to cheer to silent and moaning the lost opportunity. But then after some confusion they realize Ozil did in fact score and that Arsenal just clinched the crucial victory and they all celebrate and go crazy.

Beautiful roller coaster of emotions.

Video from youtuber Hugo GEORGES.  Thanks for sharing the emotional ride.