Olivier Giroud Scores Against Stoke and Enjoys a Casual Celebration; Arsenal 2 – Stoke 0; Fan Videos

Sep 17

This has to be one of the best celebrations of the season.

It’s just another goal and another day in the office for Olivier Giroud.  He nods in the header off a cross and then trots over to the end line. No sprinting.  Why waste the energy?  It’s not a World Cup winner.  It’s just a goal against Stoke in the 85th minute of a match they were already winning.

But the fans. Can’t forget about the adoring fans.  May not be a big deal for Giroud, but he just made the day for thousands of fans.  He has to thank them for their support. And he does. With the double hand kiss.  Pure class.

Arsenal is quietly putting together a great season.  Well, they, like all English clubs look poor in the Champions League.  But Man City is the club grabbing all the Premier League headlines and the easy favorite to win it all. And they likely will. But Arsenal has the squad to compete with Man City and could easily challenge them for the title.  It will be interesting to see what they can do against Chelsea this weekend.

Stoke on the other hand?  Poor Stoke.

Video courtesy of youtuber T Rookie.