Riyad Mahrez Penalty for Leicester City – The Last Unbeaten Team in the Premier League; Leicester City 2 – Stoke 2; Fan Video

Sep 25

Six games into the Premier League and only one team remains unbeaten.  Defending champions Chelsea? Not even close. Perennial powerhouse Manchester United? Nope.  Top of the table and league leading Manchester City?  Wrong again.

It’s Leicester City.

Despite being unbeaten, Leicester is currently in fourth place (tied for third in points, but fourth based on goals differential).  Manchester City with their five wins can claim top of the table, but Leicester has the bragging rights as the last remaining unbeaten club.

Leicester hasn’t exactly had the toughest schedule, but they do have a draw against Tottenham and a win against West Ham – who has beaten both Chelsea and Man City.

But Leicester’s real test will come this weekend when they host Arsenal.  Arsenal is coming off a brutal loss to Chelsea and surely wants to bounce back and regain their position in the Premier League.  We’re only six games into the campaign, but Leicester has proven that they shouldn’t be overlooked and can compete with every club.

Can they do it for 38 consecutive games?  Probably not.  They will probably fall to somewhere in the middle of the table when all is said and done.

At the same time, I’m sure no one expected they would be the last remaining unbeaten team of the season. So perhaps they can continue to pull of surprises.

Above is the penalty scored by Riyah Mahrez in Leicester’s game against Stoke last weekend.  Leicester went down 2-0 but clawed their way back to a 2-2 draw. Don’t overlook Leicester.

Thanks to youtuber LJDHDGAMERZ for uploading the video.