Ronaldo Scores Five (!) Against Espanyol; Real Madrid 6 – Espanyol 0; Fan Videos

Sep 15

Five!  Cinco!  Cinq!  5!  In one game.

The overplayed early story line in La Liga season was the fact that Ronaldo had yet to score in Real’s first two games.  There had been some discussion about the quality of the other Real players and if their production was going to impact Ronaldo’s goal tally, particularly after Real put up 5 against Betis and Ronaldo didn’t score any of the five goals.

So much for that topic.

In one weekend he went from zero goals to the leading scorer in La Liga.

The lack of goals was a ridiculous topic in the first place as it was just a filler for the 24-hour sports news programming.

But it was also ridiculous because we all knew Ronaldo was going to get his goals. He’s too good of a scorer and his supporting cast is too good that it’s inevitable that he will score 30+ goals in La Liga alone.

Speaking of that supporting cast, they are dangerous.  Just look at the goal in the above video (courtesy of RMCF Fanatic) and the one below. Ronaldo is set up beautifully on the goals.  Many of Ronaldo’s goals involve a high degree of skill and difficulty.  But many are just the result of having players like Benzema, Bale, Rodriguez and Modric serving him easy tap-ins.

Here’s a new topic for discussion: Real can score five goals without Ronaldo scoring and they can score six with five of the six coming from Ronaldo alone.

They are a dangerous team.

Here is also a video of another one of his goals from the same game:

Here is a video of the penalty. You can barely see the penalty but it’s a fun fan experience: