Tottenham Crush Manchester City; Fan Videos of Harry Kane, Eric Dier and Toby Alderweireld’s Goals; Tottenham 4 – Manchester City 1

Sep 28

One of the best fan videos of the year.  Great game.  Excellent video.  Front row seats right there next to the action. You can hear the ball clanging off the post.  Tottenham players celebrating right in front of you.  It would be have been great just being in the stadium for this game, let alone in these seats.  Good stuff.

Remember how it was just a couple weeks ago that people were saying that Manchester City were going to run away with the Premier League this season?  After a home loss to West Ham and a blitzing by Tottenham over the weekend, it’s amazing that so many people were so confident in that prediction.

Sadly, we too were making those statements.  Yikes.  In our defense, City did have an incredible start and did appear to be on a level above the rest of the competition. Plus, Chelsea and Manchester United were struggling, and Arsenal seemed to be their normal “above-average but not great” self.  So the title seemed like City’s to lose.

But we should have listened to our own advice.  It’s a long season and injuries always happen (See: Hart, Joe; Kompany, Vincent) so it’s foolish to make early season predictions when so much can and does change.

Ironically, we said you shouldn’t make predictions in defense of Chelsea’s slow start and they have yet to figure things out and completely turn it around.  But crowning someone the champion after only a month is just as foolish as counting someone out after only a month (assuming the club you are counting out is a club like Chelsea and not a Sunderland).

On the Tottenham side it was tempting to want to place them in the usual 5th-7th spot since they look unpredictable as always. Some games they are brilliant and then the next they look like a different team. But we are learning from our mistakes and not making predictions and just enjoying the ride.

Enjoying the ride means celebrating Tottenham’s brilliance. City started off strong but once the Spurs started going, they couldn’t be stopped.  They were relentless in the attack and it’s great that fans captured these goals.  What a day to be at White Hart Lane.

Harry Kane video courtesy of youtuber Cagdas Akcos.

Here is Eric Dier’s goal from youtuber Giant Booking:

And finally, the Toby Alderweireld goal from triphooks