Wayne Rooney’s Record Breaking Goal for England; England 2 – Switzerland 0; Fan Video

Sep 09

“Roo-nay!  Roo-nay!  Roo-nay!”

As widely publicized, Wayne Rooney made history yesterday by scoring his 50th goal for England and thus becoming England’s all time leading goal scorer.

Rooney has had many growing pains and like pretty much every famous footballer, has had some moments with his national team he would like to forget.  But Rooney is also a workhorse and plays with a ton of heart and passion.  You don’t break a record like this one by being lucky. It happens because you have worked hard and put in a ton of effort.

Almost more important than the goal record is the fact that England has already won their qualifying group with two games still to play.

Rooney has placed himself in the record books, but if he really wants to cement an everlasting legacy in England, he’ll figure out a way to lead England to a Euro Cup victory next summer – something that has escaped almost all of his peers and predecessors.

Thanks to youtuber Jamer 168 for the video. Must have been an awesome experience to witness the historic goal live.